Jennifer Brooks-Mason

As a working mother, the image of a school bus elicits a flood of emotion — relief, joy, exhaustion, and most poignantly in these extraordinary times, gratitude.

Prior to March 2020, school buses brought to mind the ceaseless shuttling of children to different schools with different schedules and, later, to different extracurricular activities that consumed our days. And then there were the moments stuck behind school buses, a reminder of the unending delays in my daily rhythm of career, parenting, and attempts at self-care.

After March 2020, school buses were among the many things I sorely missed —…

Emily Moorhead, FACHE

As a child, my parents often offered that familiar advice: “Treat people as you want to be treated.” Although simple, most of us have learned the hard way that that just isn’t how the world operates. Our origins, skin tone, clothing, occupation, and the company we keep frequently box us into judgments and expectations of others.

I know this box all too well. As a female executive in healthcare, I’ve struggled with how to fit in, and have experienced the consequences of trying to break the mold. Many of my peers can empathize.

Early in my career…

Holly Beeman, MD, MBA

I know four things to be true: I am not an expert. I do not have the answers. I want to learn. And I want to be an ally.

These truths were forged in childhood experiences — my adolescence in Germany, as a teenager in Pakistan, and as a school teacher in Oklahoma. And these experiences, in turn, crystallized in me an abiding conviction to use my power to lift others up. Unfortunately, at this time and in this place, I realize I’ve fallen short — I am sorry.

Dachau Concentration Camp (1933–1945), Germany

Coming of Age

I was a child when I began…

Ratan B. Milevoj, MBA

From education to public safety, the COVID-19 pandemic revealed countless fractures in nearly every system in the nation. Perhaps most troubling, the global outbreak shed light on failures to protect our most essential workers. Nowhere was this failure more apparent than the shortage of life-saving personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals.

Before the pandemic, my own institution — a 358-bed pediatric hospital in Central California — was using just over two dozen N95 masks a day. By the middle of the pandemic, we were using more than 1,000 daily — a 3,000% increase.

We were overwhelmed…

Girlynda Gonzales, MSN, RN, CCRN, NEA-BC

The grief for so many is real, but let us not be afraid to write the beauty of this time into history, too.

Samantha Reynolds

Clinicians care for COVID patients
Clinicians care for COVID patients

I’m a nurse and healthcare leader; 2020 was the hardest year of my life. In fact, every one of us — inside and outside the walls of a clinic — sits on a continuum of pandemic-provoked grief. But as we transition through the stages of our pain, we also transform. And the gift of transformation may just be the most beautiful legacy of this crisis.

In 2020:

We saw…

Felisa Schneider, Anne McCune, and Elizabeth Métraux

Exactly one week ago, we marked the centennial anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment. You’d be forgiven if you missed the occasion. As COVID-19 continues to govern our daily activities, and the political maelstrom characteristic of a presidential election year roils on, it’s unsurprising that our attention is diverted.

In many ways, there’s no more apt way for women to have marked the centennial than exactly as we did — juggling childcare, navigating work and life responsibilities, and relegating our own special moments in the interest of taking care of those…

The Carol Emmott Foundation

Leading the way to fully inclusive gender equity in health

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